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the nave gallery

the december salon
an affordable art sale with work by over 50 artists

2-18 december 2004






participating artists







Heather Adels

Leika Akiyama

Jason Aponte

Susanne Bartz

Yani Batteau

Laurinda Bedingfield

Peter Belford

Alexia Berry

Susan Berstler

Kelvy Bird

Carol Blackwell

Catherine Bowen

Ron Brunelle

Fred Brusseau

Matt Carrano

Amy Cooper

Stan Czesniuk

Karen Davis

Beth Driscoll

Charles Daniels

Glen Davis

Monica Delgado

Francis Domec

Rhona Engleman

Michelle Fiorenza

Jennifer Flores

Martha Friend


Sophia Glickson

Edith Green

Pam Greene

Mary B. Harrington

Rebecca Hesketh

Chris Holmes

William Howe

Amy Kaufman

Monica Kauppi

Joe Keinberger

Magnolia Laurie

Anneka Lenssen

Pauline Lim

Lee Mandell

Karen Molloy

Elizabeth Mullin

Lauren O'Neal

Adriana Prat

Joshua Robinson

Althea Roy

Margaret Ryan

Anna Shapiro

Jane Sherrill

Julia Soyer

Tova Speter

V Van Sant

Carly Weaver







2 DECEMBER 2004, 6-8 P.M.:
'december salon' gallery opening

Opening reception featuring music by the Sob Sisters

9 DECEMBER 2004, 7-9 P.M.:
A Literary Evening

An inspiring and exciting evening of literary works from local writers and poets including: Michael Anderson, Mitch Evich, Melissa Falcon, Ecos Garcia, Anita C. Gay, Ruthie Ristich, Annie Silverman, Pam Summa, & others

Many thanks to the Middle East & MS Walker Fine Wines for their contributions for the reception on 2 December.




the nave gallery

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