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about the Exhibit
Dedicated to Brian Liberatore,
Somerville High School, Class of 2002.

A number of young Somervillians call themselves “villens”. It is an expression that means unity and fellowship in a city that had previously been divided into east and west. Young people in Somerville have suffered recent tremendous loss due to drugs, violence and accidents. If anything, tragedy seems to have brought these “villens” closer together as a group.

The exhibit “Be A Villen” is meant to be a vehicle to allow artists to express some of the many complex emotions evoked by their experiences of tragedy. Additionally, broader interpretations of the theme are welcome; for example, issues of gentrification and change and its effects on young citizens as Somerville moves forward in the 21st century. Teen Empowerment will award the most compelling submission with a prize and the opportunity to showcase the piece at the annual Somerville Youth Peace Conference.

For this exhibit the Nave Gallery is donating its 20% commission of all sales to the Brian M. Liberatore Somerville High School Scholarship Fund. This fund is targeted for SHS students with an interest in art, music and hockey.

This program is supported in part
by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council,
a state agency.

Artist Reception
Friday, 18 January 2008, 6-9 p.m.

Jessica Almeida
Clarence Bryan IV
Joe Capuano
Robbie Cartmill
Mike Curtis
Alex Foster
Brian Liberatore
Scotty Liberatore
Greg Mayala
Danny McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlin
Steve Morris
Eric O’Reagan
Zadak Rice
Brianne Sullivan

Jennie Vallesio

Greg Hill
Margaret Ryan & Lawrence Paolella
Jules Stevens

Inkind donations:
Cameras Inc, Davis Sq.
Stan Czesniuk










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