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October 6-28, 2012
Curated by Jenn Harrington
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Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 6, 2012, 5-7 pm
Performances by Chadley Kolb (of Coyote Kolb) and Man Alive!

Monster cookies will be served! See our call for cookies on our facebook event page.

Robin Arnold, Sarah Bilotta, Robin Mae Gawron, Anastasia Cazabon, Reid Elem, Joe Keinberger, Scott Lapham, Claudia Mastrobuono, Matthew Maybruck, Martha McCollough, Alexandra Photopoulos, William Schaff, Geoff Stein, Nick Ward, Brendan Vogt, Roscoe Wilson

A special soundtrack to the exhibit with music by:
the 'Mericans, Caroline Hecht, Coyote Kolb, The Fagettes, Fat Creeps, Grade A Gray Days, Man Alive!, Marc Pinansky, Milo Jones, The Operators, Sodafrog

In a land not so far away, where everything seems quite big and terribly bad, The Nave Gallery presents visions of The BIG BAD. Whether it be the repo man, banks, politicians, the ex, the evil step-parent, the monster in the closet, the tick-tock of a bad heart—The BIG BAD explores the true representations of the foes that wreck our homes, our health, our families, our childhoods. The bump in the dark of night, the shadow lurking in the corner of your eye, those things that haunt us even if we've buried it four times over, The BIG BAD aspires to show that the real-world adversaries threatening our ruin are close companions to the phantoms locked in our imaginations.

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Landscapes Through A Diffracting Lens

Sarah Bliss + Heather Johnson + Katie Jurkiewicz
Jane Lincoln + Nancy Winship Milliken + Ted Ollier
Marzia Ellero Ransom + Rimas Simaitis + Catharyn Tivy

Nave Gallery, Somerville
7 Sep - 22 Sep 2012
Opening Reception: 7 Sep 2012, 6 - 8 PM

Curators' Statement
The artists presented in Invested Landscape wield a wide variety of methods and aesthetics for investigating the human/landscape relationship. For centuries artists have interacted and interpreted the great outdoors, capturing the light in their surrounding village or recording exotic vistas, real or imagined, from distant lands. Recently, this interaction has become more direct, digging up the earth for land art that can only be seen from above. In this exhibit, urban and rural landscapes, both near and far, familiar and unfamiliar, are altered and deconstructed to represent or interpret our relationship with place.

Artist Jane Lincoln abstracts the ever-elusive color and light on the bogs of Provincetown into vertical signifiers in her paintings. In contrast, Rimas Simaitis constructs a self-contained exploration vehicle and videotapes his exploration of a suddenly alien landscape. Sarah Bliss collects information through interviews, images and found objects, that helps her define a foreign landscape she encountered during her residency in Cill Rialaig, County Kerry, Ireland. Each artist invests the landscape with a personal interpretation of place and affect. Gathered here is a group of works that deconstruct the understanding of what landscape is. Tivy's postcards, Ransom's pinhole cameras, Johnson's descriptive snippets--they're all landscapes, but put through a diffracting lens.
--Katie Jurkiewicz + Nancy Winship Milliken + Ted Ollier

Sarah Bliss
Heather Johnson
Katie Jurkiewicz
Jane Lincoln
Nancy Milliken
Ted Ollier
Marzia Ellero Ransom
Rimas Simaitis
Catharyn Tivy

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"Alter-Ego II—a photographic exploration of all things not digital"

Curated by Greer Muldowney
Exhibit dates: April 28-May 19, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 28, 3-6 pm
Special Hours during Somerville Open Studios: May 5-6, 12-6 pm

Photography has almost as many celebrated artists as it does technical processes. It is an art that has become ubiquitous with digital media and cell phone technology; having over a billion images created around the world on a daily basis. However, imagery has also seen resurgence and inventiveness in many analogue techniques. This exhibition has invited 18 artists who are still using toy cameras, lens-less photographs and alternative processes to create imagery in our increasingly digitizing world. "Alter Ego 11" celebrates the future of photography, the equal alternative to our ever pixilating view.

Diana Clarke

Bev Conway

Taylor Curry

Gabrielle Gergler

Dylan Gould

Frances Jakubek

Charlotte Kaplan

Karin Klint

Rachel Loischild

Ted Ollier

Gina Phillips

Suzanne Révy

Gary Sampson

Robert S. Schnieder

Nikki Segarra

Jesse Stansfield

James Weinberg

James Zall

art credit: Taylor Curry, Studies #3, Medium: Cliche-Verre on Vericolor Internegative Film 2011

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