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Featured Artist: Beth Driscoll
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Beth Driscoll is originally from Charlestown Mass. She’s lived in Somerville on and off since 1987. She has a longstanding ever-changing relationship with the city. Throughout high school she spent countless hours camped out in the balcony of the Somerville Theater watching Diva (which was perpetually screening there). While she slogged through the morass of art school at S.M.F.A. the city provided an affordable safe place to live.
Years of assorted apartments and roommates later. Ms. Driscoll and her brother built a duplex between Porter and Davis Square where they both currently reside.
Beth Driscoll runs luxville, an umbrella organization encompassing: The Lady Cougars, The Little House Studios and Glass Heart Press. She also serves on the Somerville Arts Council board.

Artist Statement:
I've been lucky enough to work with and be inspired by several remarkable artists/teachers including: Joan Albert, David Akiba, and Bruce Davidson. In my work I'm interested in exploring issues of identity including: sense of place, trauma, relationships and sexuality. I’ve found self-portraiture to be one powerful means of expression .
I work with a 4x5 press camera, a Holga, a 6x6 Bronica and for color work I've recently begun experimenting with a digital camera.
Printmaking is relatively new to me and Elaine Bay of The Miracle 5 has been an invaluable resource and guide on that score amongst many others. I’ve just started to run a 10x14 Chandler and Price platen letterpress in my studio which incidentally is the same type of press my Dad first worked on at The Record American in Boston .I think I have ink in my blood.

I co-founded the Lady Cougars all girl art gang several years ago as a vehicle for working collaboratively and as a forum for support and critique. I’m surrounded by generous and creative people who endlessly inspire me. These marvelous folks include but are not limited to:
Alethea Roy
Rebecca Hesketh
Joe Keinberger
Jim Driscoll
Maria Davis
The Miracle 5

“We meet on the pages of books and by beech wood fires.
We meet scrawled blackly in many folded letters.
We know each other by free and generous hands.
We swing like spiders on each others souls.”
—Erica Jong, Testament

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