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Featured Artist: Skunk
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A BlipBlipBeepBot, available at 80 Grit Art

This is the sculpture (nearly complete) that will be at Artbeat. It's titled "mobot" and it's made from discarded fuse boxes.

Skunk is 80gritArt: art and useful objects forged from used material once destined to landfill or recycling centers, striving to spark the imagination, and attempting to give people a whimsical new perspective on discarded objects. Even the weld wire is from used stainless bicycle

Skunk has been living in Somerville since 1999, and is unlikely to budge any time soon. When he's not making art He spends his spare time being FleetAdmiral Skunk of SCUL, a Somervillian bicycle chopper gang of rebel space pirates founded in your Earth year 1995. There's also a zine called Ghostride.

You can find Skunk's work for sale at Magpie in Davis Square or at Honeyspot in Jamaica Plain.

Somervillian Gang of Rebel Space Pirates

Two-Fisted Cycling Zine

Event:ArtBeat, 15 July 2006, 1-6 p.m.:
"Pure Junk" Visual Art Exhibit on the Davis Square Traffic Island and McIntyre & Moore Booksellers Window
Subversive Choppers Urban Legion (Elm Street)
SCUL fashion bizarre, one-of-a-kind bicycles by recycling old bike parts and other found material. SCUL will display athleticism, absurdity and artistry that promises to amuse and astound.

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