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Featured Artist: John O'Hara
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Photo courtesy of Too Much Rock


Recorded quietly at night so as not to wake the neighbors. Used the mic on the computer as opposed to a studio quality mic. Each track was one take. The faint "bass drum" in the background is me tapping on my desk and messing with the result in garageband. The rustling in the background is the result of not clipping the loose guitar strings ends. As with all of my recordings, you can hear cars going up and down Highland Ave in the background. I thought it all fit in well with the theme of the song.


11 November 2006, 8:30 p.m.:
A Salty Salute to Guided by Voices
P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA)
with This Car Up, My Own Worst Enemy, Tony the Bookie, The Hyphens, Choo Choo La Rouge, John O'Hara, The Shrinking Islands, The Silver Lining, Whistle Jacket, Shocker in Beantown (members of Shepherdess and The Tricunx), The Big Disappointments, The So Whats (members of Ara Vora and Scuba), The Beatings, Reports

2 December 2006, 6-8 p.m.: December Salon at The Nave Gallery

Favorites of Somerville:


I was born on July 4th, 1977, at Children's hospital, during which time my dad was was drinking a Bud down the street and watching the Sox, although maybe that story was made up and I believed it because I heard it as a child. It was also over 120 degrees outside that day. My earliest memories are of my mother reading Frog and Toad books to me. I grew up in a triple decker on Eliot Street in Jamaica Plain that my grandfather owned. My bedroom was right next to the Footlight Club and I fell asleep to rehearsals for musicals every night. I had kindergarten at the Aggisis in JP--my teacher was Mrs. Childs and she played a song called "cleanup time" on the piano when it was time to put the toys away. Damore West broke my crayon on purpose and she took one of the same color out of his box and gave it to me and made him use the crayon he broke. I've never held a grudge since.

I graduated Emerson College in 1999. I was in a two person band for a couple of years called the Sorry Jar. We played at the Middle East upstairs and CB's Gallery in NYC, among other places. I've been doing solo shows usually at the Somerville lounges--Abbey or P.A.'s--for the past few years. It's fun. I've been s-l-o-o-w-l-y recording an album, by myself, in my apartment, on my computer, song by song, instrument by instrument, for a very long spare time. I will have it finished either before I turn 30 or run out of commas.

I did a stint in Winter Hill after college and returned to Somerville after a two year last grasp in Allston. I live with my drop dead gorgeous girlfriend in an apartment on Highland by the SHS. I never want to leave Somerville again, and usually don't on weekends.

I've written songs about laundry, autumn, and falling in love with mice, but would also like to add that I do enjoy watching the Sox and the Pats, and I drink a LOT of beer. I'm a good guy--ask anyone. If you see me at a show or something, feel free to say hi. Seriously.

I just got a camera-phone for the first time, which fulfilled a lifelong minor wish of "always having a camera with me." Anyway, I took a few pictures of places around Somerville, with the idea that I like to look at pictures of places around Somerville, so why wouldn't other people too?

Okay, I'm done. I can go back and edit this whenever I want, right?

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