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Exhibit dates: 9 June-1 July 2007. Reception: 9 June.
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Maria Ritz
#1: "14 Stations of the Kitchen: Blend"
#2: "14 Stations of the Kitchen: Stir"
#3: "14 Stations of the Kitchen: Mix"

Etched glass, steel and formica, 2006
71/2" x 91/2"

Danielle Sauvé
"The cartographers"

Multimedia installation: wood, Mylar film, vellum paper, 3 LCD projectors, 3 DVD players and video loops of 1:50, 2:00 to 3:10 minutes, 2004
Floor area:14' x 22'

about the show
Displacement features the work of Maria Ritz and Danielle Sauvé. Their sculptural installations use displacement as the primary mode of exploration of images, signs, and language. Through their work, they are both observing how the shifting of location, scale and material creates new and significant forces.
Their compositions employ the exhibition space to animate images and penetrate the internal dynamic of the objects. The play of solid and void, light and shadow, and variable degrees of transparency and opacity interact with the space to create an open territory for the observer. More precisely, they create a physical and mental trajectory where concrete and cognitive experiences intertwine as a consequence of the observer’s movement.
Each time we move on, something is lost, while new things appear. This allows for the manifestation of new contexts and new meanings. Displacement involves replacement, alteration, itineraries, metamorphosis, and the creation of fresh experiences.

artist statements

About the work of Maria Ritz: email
The 14 Stations of the Kitchen by Maria Ritz uses the language of culinary tasks as markers punctuating the physical space of the gallery. She transforms the buttons of a blender to give them the material qualities and the permanence of commemorative plates. Distributed in a regular path on the wall, the engraved verbs acquire a weight and the attribute of sacred words. As in the Catholic iconography, the 14 Stations symbolize the idea of sacrifice, redemption and rebirth. They elevate daily nurturing chores into a ritual inexorably linked to preservation,
alteration or destruction. Outside the inner sanctum of the kitchen, Maria’s words address the viewer directly, and this displacement gives them a new authority. Verbs like “MIX” “BLEND” or “LIQUIFY” become associated with the pressure of assimilation or homogenization in the face of displacement.

About the work of Danielle Sauvé: email
Danielle Sauvé’s installation The Cartographers associates the migratory quest to the virgin page preceding the re-creative process of all new beginnings. The ensemble is about the tension between erasing and renewing, the alterable and the attached, vibrancy and absence. Layers of velum on the skeletal drawing-tables are penetrated by light to create the conditions for the appearance of the snail’s journey. Danielle is interested in the speculative aspects of exile, those moments of expectation - when nothing is fixed yet, when all is still maintained between here and else where, before and now, the real and the imaginary.
“Snails are my discrete cartographers, carriers of essential instruments of adaptation. Their ephemeral traces a distant memory.”

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