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'Multiple Singular'
Exhibit dates: 10 November-1 December 2007.
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Kevin Dacey — "Now When(2)" web
2007, Digital print, 11" x 14"


Chris Nau — "Lipotes vexillifer and Diceros bicornis longipes at the Third Kursk" web
2007, Oil on panel, 35" x 47"


about the show
Multiple Singular brings together two artists whose work describes how multiple signifiers may illuminate an unknown by pointing to one singular reality/truth/identity/definition, but one that shifts according to the movement of its known elements. When something is unknown, its identity shifts according to the movements and relationships among its multiple known signifiers.

artist statements

About the work of Kevin Dacey: email
Kevin Dacey’s photographs of people strip away almost all detail around the figures leaving a white ground lacking significant architectural cues. Blurred and obscured these abstracted subjects congregate and overlap in dynamic moments and mergers that describe a spaces that are invisible. The lack of specific features of both figure and ground proposes a space based in moment, rather than location. Framed with and without glass, and even mounted without frames, Dacey’s variations of surface furthers the situational aspect of viewing by allowing a viewer’s own body to influence the interpretation of space.

About the work of Chris Nau: email
Chris Nau’s paintings are clear representations of unknown structural abstractions. The space these forms inhabit is as real as a painting will allow. Some appear to be flying, while others rest on suspicious ground. Yet their carefully described parts and painted details point to an unknown but intimated purpose. To further loosen notions of fact and fiction in his paintings, many of them have had portions removed, broken or cut away. The patched areas insert a new physical reality into the image and the hierarchy of the painting is forced to accept a new layer. Something has happened inside the painting not of the illusory variety. Rather, the newest edition to the image emphasizes where the interface between truth and fiction begins.

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