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the Beast in Me—Johnny Cash:
Art Influenced by the Struggle of a Man

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Johnny Cash Tribute Series
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Exhibit dates: 10 April-2 May 2010.
Opening reception: 10 April 2010, 5-7 p.m.
Performances by Vanessa Hayes and Greg Mullen.
Vanessa Hayes
Greg Mullen




Rebel, lover, family man, adulterer, addict, believer, sinner—Johnny Cash is the epitome of struggle. And, while we all suffer the contest between our wickedness and our righteousness, perhaps what makes this man different from most is that he embraced both. Desires to destroy/create, compassion born from being in the muck, a joy that comes through when one knows sorrow so well—that is grace, that is Johnny Cash.

Bad men and bad women—we've all met them, we've all been 'em. This exhibit aims to recognize that sometimes the worst parts of humanity attend to its virtue; that the actual measure of man's vitality is the labor to accept our inherit ill will but to not be bent—too much—by it.

Curated by Jenn Harrington.


Justin Augspurg

Sam Ballardini

Timothy Briner

Cathie Boucher

Rama Brown

Anastasia Cazabon

Mary Galli

Robin Mae Gawron

Raul Gonzalez

Mikael Kennedy

Martha McCollough /

Greer Muldowney

Thea Paneth

Neil Wyatt


A special highlight to the exhibit will be video clips from the documentary, JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON,
produced by Boston-based Northern Light Productions and directed by Bestor Cram.

Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison examines the most important day in the career of one of America’s foremost popular artists. It was January 1968, a year that would be saturated in violence and historical change. Cash’s 1968 concert at Folsom State Prison in California and the ensuing album became a symbol of the late 1960s and transformed his career. Drawing from rock photographer Jim Marshall’s stark images of that day, rare archival footage, as well as exclusive interviews with participants and observers, the film traces Cash’s rocky road that led to the concert and the torrent of stardom and political debate that came after it.


We will collect donations for Prison Book Program (Quincy, MA)
during the exhibit opening at The Nave on 4/10/2010.

Apple Pie
Apple-Cranberry Pie / Martha McCollough
Banana cream Pie / Beth Driscoll
Cherry Pie / Denise Waddington
Chocolate Pecan Pie / Tori Costa
Chocolate Pudding Pie / Jen Guthrie
Judy's Pie / Judy Wilburn
Maine Michael Pie / Michael Higgins
Natalie's Pie / Natalie Smolenski
Peanut Butter Pie / Anne Zarrella
Something Vegan Pie / Greg Kornbluh

Please don't be afraid to bake the same pie as someone else.
Pies are like snowflakes.

I have been thinking a lot about magic lately. Not the trick up the sleeve, the caped creep on t.v. hustling his wiles. I'm talking that thing you can feel in the air sometimes, when the place you've been for what seems like forever, for good or bad, changes for a moment.

The exhibit "The Beast in Me—Johnny Cash: Art Influenced by the Struggle of a Man" opens on Saturday, 10 April 2010, at The Nave Gallery (Somerville, MA) from 5-7 p.m. Later that evening, P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) will be hosting part 3 of the 4-part Johnny Cash Tribute Series/Benefit for Prison Literacy Programs.

Magic is small. It really is in the flip of the switch when the bulb bursts in bright white light / breaks into darkness from its own shock. Or when you heard that song the first time—you swore it'd change your life—you swore your heart actually swelled. And, right now, after all the work and the immense favors I've asked of people for this project, I can think of nothing more magical for this exhibit opening than a long table full of pie.

This is a call for pie. There seems to be a million variations between size and crust and filling. If you are interested in baking a pie for the opening, please send me a message with your name and the name of your pie. You will be given credit on The Nave's website closer to the event. We will collect donations for prison books programs at the pie table.

If you do not bake, but know someone who does enjoy the skill, please feel free to pass this note on to them. And, whether or not you decide to bake for the opening, I do hope you consider attending one of the Johnny Cash events scheduled.

4/8/2010, Johnny Cash Tribute, RISD Auditorium (doors at 7:30 p.m.), Providence, RI
4/9/2010, Johnny Cash Tribute, The Elevens (doors at 8 p.m.), Northampton, MA
4/10/2010, Opening reception, "The Beast in Me—Johnny Cash," The Nave (5-7 p.m.)
4/10/2010, Johnny Cash Tribute, P.A.'s Lounge (doors at 8 p.m.), Somerville, MA
4/28/2010, Space Gallery, Portland, ME

All best,


Sun., 11 April, 1-3, V Van Sant
Sun., 11 April, 3-5, Michelle Fiorenza

Fri., 16 April, 6-8, Jenn Harrington

Sat., 17 April, 1-3, Martha McCollough (meet the artist!)
Sat., 17 April, 3-5

Sun., 18 April, 1-3
Sun., 18 April, 3-5

Fri., 23 April, 6-8, Jenn Harrington

Sat., 24 April, 1-3
Sat., 24 April, 3-5

Sun., 25 April, 1-3
Sun., 25 April, 3-5, Thea Paneth (meet the artist!)

Fri., 30 April, 6-8

Somerville Open Studios
Sat., 1 May, 12-2
Sat., 1 May, 2-4, Robin Mae Gawron (meet the artist!)
Sat., 1 May, 4-6, Rama Brown (meet the artist!)

Somerville Open Studios
Sun., 2 May, 12-2
Sun., 2 May, 2-4, Justin Augspurg (meet the artist!)
Sun., 2 May, 4-6, Justin Augspurg (meet the artist!)

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